Dooing Better

Today, before I went shopping, I went and sat a little while at the local Buddhist temple. It was incredibly peaceful. A Vietnamese woman came up to me and said something I didn’t understand. I asked if I was bothering her or if she wanted me to leave. She walked away and I drove away a few minutes later, getting progressively annoyed by mosquitoes. Next time, I will wear bug repellent.

The serenity has continued the rest of the day. I have sat in many churches to pray and have never felt this peaceful. Why not?

Later, I was watching The Dead Files on the Travel Channel. Amy Allan said, when a person goes through a serious trauma, part of making a place livable is to do regular thorough cleanings to remove residual negative energies. OMG. That advice is so relevant to me. When Barry got the cancer, that produced a lot of negative energy. And I am not the world’s best housekeeper. I am not a hoarder, mind you. I have even gotten rid of a lot of stuff, but now I understand more.

I’ve been wondering if there was something negative in my house. I can have all sorts of motivation when I am elsewhere, but then I go home and have no motivation. Ever. It makes much sense now.


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About cdhoagpurple

I have an MBA, am married to a GM/UAW retiree with Huntington's Disease. I am more Buddhist than Christian. I plan on moving to Virginia when widowed. I have a friend''s parents that live down there and another friend living in Maryland. I am simplifying my life in preparation for the eventual move.Eight years ago, my husband had stage 4 cancer. I am truly "neither here nor there." My identity shifts and I am always surprised where I end up. 2015 was my hardest year ever. This is my Dark Night of the Soul. Welcome to it.

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