Uji Time Illumination

“That is what he is saying here.  Time is illuminated by the presence of awakening.  It’s funny to make these little visualizations, but what they amount to is this profound thought that time and space are illuminated – the way that I would put it nowadays – by love.  Think of that.  Time and space are actually illuminated at all points by love.  We are missing it, of course, because we are so burdened by all of our problems, but it is actually so.” Dogen’s Time Being (Uji) 1 Posted by: Zoketsu Norman Fischer October 27, 2010, http://sweepingzen.com/dogens-time-being-uji-1/

I like the idea of time being illuminated by love. For the past few days, I’ve been feeling a sense of peace, equanimity, or whatever you want to call it. It could just be a lull between dramas, but I don’t care.

Uji is very deep, all about this moment being whatever is happening right now. Often, we look at a moment and see what we think about, projecting our fears and hopes onto what we see. But that’s over-analysis. Time is the activity of the moment, not our opinions about it.

This fall has been gorgeous. Light comes in and I am in love with it and the shadows it creates. It feels so Zen. I put plastic up on the living room window and had to take down the curtains to do so. I am not putting them back up. The light makes me happier than any window treatment ever could.


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I have an MBA, am married to a GM/UAW retiree with Huntington's Disease. I am more Buddhist than Christian. I plan on moving to Virginia when widowed. I have a friend''s parents that live down there and another friend living in Maryland. I am simplifying my life in preparation for the eventual move.Eight years ago, my husband had stage 4 cancer. I am truly "neither here nor there." My identity shifts and I am always surprised where I end up. 2015 was my hardest year ever. This is my Dark Night of the Soul. Welcome to it.

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