Same Lesson, Different Day

I feel much better today than yesterday.

Talking with my friend, who is in Maryland looking for work, she said that she has had to do a lot of letting go in the past few months. I know how she feels. After we hung up, I got rid of a few sets of queen-size sheets. When Barry passes, I will probably just use the wooden bed frame from the bed in the extra bedroom, which I think is a single.  I have more to get rid of, but I now have a little bit more room in my dresser. It makes me feel so much better. No matter how stuck I feel, it helps to get rid of some physical object. When I looked at Barry later sleeping in his chair, instead of feeling stuck, I just felt bad for him. Big difference. The snow melting also helped. Part of the issue, no doubt, is this never-ending winter. Things are improving slowly. That’s good because a quick melt of the accumulated snow would flood everything. Everything I get rid of makes me feel better.


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About cdhoagpurple

I have an MBA, am married to a GM/UAW retiree with Huntington's Disease. I am more Buddhist than Christian. I plan on moving to Virginia when widowed. I have a friend''s parents that live down there and another friend living in Maryland. I am simplifying my life in preparation for the eventual move.Eight years ago, my husband had stage 4 cancer. I am truly "neither here nor there." My identity shifts and I am always surprised where I end up. 2015 was my hardest year ever. This is my Dark Night of the Soul. Welcome to it.

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