Energy is Moving

I’ve been making every effort to get energy moving. Arguing with God/Universe. Getting a dream board. Even coloring.

I got a call this morning. Someone is coming to look at the house! OMG! There is just no possibility of cleaning everything satisfactorily. I have to let it all go. I’ve been working hard at making everything better. It will simply never be perfect.

This doesn’t mean we’ll get an offer or anything like that, but I’ll take it. I don’t even care anymore. Any movement is better than absolute, total stagnation.

On a different note, driving to and from a friend’s place, I saw how incredibly green everything is. It is downright hard to believe that five or six weeks ago it snowed! Sometimes I forget how beautiful Michigan really is. I’m too busy shoveling. If you can stand the frigid winters and sweltering summers, it is picture postcard gorgeous. If you don’t require decent-paying employment and are looking for outdoors sports adventure, Michigan is the place for you. Not for me, but for you, maybe.


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About cdhoagpurple

I have an MBA, am married to a GM/UAW retiree with Huntington's Disease. I am more Buddhist than Christian. I plan on moving to Virginia when widowed. I have a friend''s parents that live down there and another friend living in Maryland. I am simplifying my life in preparation for the eventual move.Eight years ago, my husband had stage 4 cancer. I am truly "neither here nor there." My identity shifts and I am always surprised where I end up. 2015 was my hardest year ever. This is my Dark Night of the Soul. Welcome to it.

One response to “Energy is Moving”

  1. Ninasusan says :

    Did u get an offer or real interest?

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