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It’s Finally Not Snowing!

The snow is melting. Yea. The cold I can handle. Throw on an extra layer and I’m good. It’s the never-ending snowfall that wears on the mind. Day after day after day. And it has to go somewhere. That’s when things get dangerous and funny.

They get dangerous because the snow-bergs at the end of drives get too large for anyone to see around, making driving on the right (meaning both direction and correct) side of the road hazardous. No one can see anyone else pulling out.

Things get funny because all of the snow gets plowed to the edges of the parking lots, thereby eliminating those spaces altogether. I noticed this at work. I park on the western end of the lot. I looked at how I parked. I was perfectly between the lines, but the lines were only about two feet long. My car’s ass was sticking way out. It looked comical to me, for some reason. I now park in the back facing a different direction, awaiting the day when the snow masses have retreated and given me my space back. But now at least the snow has melted sufficiently to even see the lines. What a refreshing change.

Not going anywhere is driving people nuts, between the weather and the pandemic. I went to Applebee’s a couple of Fridays ago after work. There were no tables available, so I sat in the only available space–at the bar. I ate my fish and chips in peace, but the place was packed as much as legally possible, 25% capacity. Even if the whole world dies, people are just tired of not going anywhere. I know the feeling.

Sick of the Cold

I am so glad I moved. It has been flurrying for weeks, it seems. Michigan is a winter wonderland, provided you don’t have to drive in this crap. Even if it just flurries, if it flurries all day long, that’s about an inch a day. Start multiplying that out and you get the picture. It is already to the point where there are snow-bergs at the ends of every driveway, meaning that nobody can see you pull out until it is too late. I live so close to work now that my car doesn’t even fully warm up before I arrive. That is nice.

I am so tired of this weather. Tomorrow’s high is 12 degrees. Nobody wants to leave home in this weather. Combine the cold with pandemic and nobody is going anywhere. The only human contact I get is with my co-workers and customers at the store. The grocery stores are packed because we have all gotten out of the habit of eating out, for those of us that still have a little money to do so.

But I have been using this as an opportunity to do some healing work. Cocooning. It is days like today I am glad Barry passed before the pandemic. He would not have handled the AA club being closed well at all. I can just focus on myself. And drink hot chocolate, if I desire.