I So Hope I am Wrong

The protests continue.

They go on night after night. But they do seem to be less violent.

There are multiple levels of concern here. First, violent protests only prove to the oppressors that they have been correct all along. Blacks really can’t self-govern because they lack the basic self-discipline to function in a democratic society, any white nationalist will tell you. Torching the police precinct in one’s own neighborhood makes the white nationalists look intelligent and on-point.

Second, the protesters look like covidiots. They are not all wearing masks and we are talking about zero social distancing. When there are spikes in cases and deaths from the coronavirus, trust me, there will be little sympathy from conservatives. The protesters are trying to make a  point about police brutality and racism. That’s kind of tough to do when you are dead or in a hospital vainly hoping for access to a ventilator. People six feet under make poor advocates for anything.

Third, the new school year begins in a few months. I am waiting to see if white Minneapolis parents yank their kids out of the public schools and move elsewhere for their children’s safety. I really, really don’t want the Twin Cities to be the next Detroit. It is 52 years after the Detroit riots and neither Detroit nor Michigan as a whole has ever recovered. I am now 52 years old and would not live to see the rebirth of Minneapolis.

I did see an article that offered a small amount of hope. It compared Trump to Lyndon Johnson, not Richard Nixon, in reference to the riots. The protesters in 1968 were fighting against Vietnam and the racial situation that Johnson and the Democrats were presiding over. Today’s protesters are fighting against a militarized police force and racial insanity that Trump has stoked. Trump is the incumbent, not the “law and order” fixer come to save the day. He has tried to present himself as the law-and-order guy, but he has used the military in a very banana-republic, Moammar Qaddafi, kind of way. Military leaders are rebuking Trump up one side and down the other for being used in such a dictatorial manner.

One of the things Trump is doing is using armed people to control protesters. I say “armed people” because these folks have no insignia, no badges, no names. This is seriously creepy and will backfire on Trump massively. Real law enforcement and military have unit insignia, names, badge numbers, etc. The reason this will blow up in Trump’s face is that we don’t live in the 1950s anymore. Everyone has a cell phone that is also a camera. The faces of these anonymous people will be plastered all over the Internet and they will be recognized. Anonymity, like privacy, does not exist today. If you think no one will recognize you, you are delusional. Trump has not thought this one through.

I see similarities between now and 1968, but now I see some differences. Are they enough not to send Minnesota down Michigan’s path? I sure hope so.

About cdhoagpurple

I live in Michigan. I was Greek Orthodox (and previously Protestant), but now am more Buddhist than anything. I am single now (through the till-death-do-you-part clause of the marriage contract). My husband Barry was a good man and celebrated 30 years in AA. I am overly educated, with an MBA. My life felt terminally in-limbo while caring for a sick husband, but I am free now. I see all things as being in transition. Impermanence is the ultimate fact of life. Nothing remains the same, good or bad.

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